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Su Huimin

Date of Birth: March 1953

Graduate School: University of Science and Technology, Liaoning

Major: Mineral Processing

Posts and Titles: Vice general manager, beneficiation senior engineer

Honorary Title: Yantai professional skill top talent

Resume: Being engaged in gold and non-ferrous mine management and design for almost 30 years, rich experience in dressing plant management and design. Obtain one national science and technology progress award, seven provincial science and technology progress awards, one inventive patent and four utility model patents, and publish over ten theses in national level professional publications.

Xu Liceng

Date of Birth: May 1955

Graduate School: Institute of Gold Technology, Northeastern University

Major: Mineral Processing

Posts and Titles: Assistant chief engineer, beneficiation senior engineer

Resume: Being engaged in mine production and beneficiation design and research for almost 30 years, master beneficiation process and technology of gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc, tungsten, iron, tin and other metals as well as nonmetals, hold the posts of mine manager, chief engineer and other posts of medium and large mines time after time. He obtained five provincial science and technology progress awards.

Liu Xi’an 

Date of Birth: July 1963

Graduate School: Jilin Metallurgical Technical School

Major: Mineral Processing

Posts and Titles: Assistant chief engineer and institute director, senior engineer

Resume: Served as manager of gold dressing plant and fluorite dressing plant, gold ore production mine manager and other posts, rich experience in non-metal ore dressing, especially fluorite ore dressing. Being engaged in experimental study of non-metal ores, major breakthroughs in beneficiation reagent and process of fluorite, potassium sodium feldspar quarry, graphite ore and other ores, provide advanced technology and process for many non-metallic mines at home and abroad, win the praise of users. Publish thesis Application of H1101 in Fluorite Beneficiation in Shandong Metallurgy, master patented technology of fluorite concentrate sulfur and calcium carbonate decreasing acid process which has significant production practice and application effect. Rich practical experience in gold and silver beneficiation, copper and molybdenum separation, iron ore concentrate sulfur decrease and recovery of copper, lead, zinc and other metals

 Liu Yongxian

Date of Birth: March 1965

Graduate School: Shandong Metallurgical Industry School

Major: Metallurgical Machinery

Posts and Titles: Deputy general manager, mechanical engineer

Resume: Served as production section chief and technical manager of large machine works and other posts, being engaged in production design in mechanical industry for over 20 years, rich experience in machinery manufacturing, installation and debugging, inspection and maintenance. Now he serves as deputy general manager of Jinpeng Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.

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